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Freebee Songs, poems and things to do to enjoy at home or in class



Educational Music


Egyptian Mummy

Red, White and Blue
Five Small Loaves
Goodbye Song
Pirate Song Rig a Jig

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School musicChildrens Music





Chinese Whispers






Egyptian mummy, looking so funny.
Head to toe all wrapped in white,
Bandaged up so very tight!


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Educational Music



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The Union Flag Song for pre-school, Reception and KS1.

An opportunity to sing; listen, anticipate and clap (or bang); flag wave, march and have patriotic fun.


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Educational Music




Chubby the Dog

By Alison Hedger

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Skinny Minnie in her pinny
Drove her car to see Aunt Winny.

Minnie’s hubby, round and tubby
Stayed at home with dog called Chubby.

What’s a pinny?
What’s a hubby?
Really, was the dog called Chubby?


© Copyright Alison Hedger 2011



The Fly and Bee
by Alison Hedger

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Little fly, fly, fly
Tell me why, why, why
You are flying around
So high, high, high.

Little bee, bee, bee
Look at me, me, me.
Humming as you fly by,
Zeee, zeee, zeee.


© Copyright Alison Hedger 2011


Uncle Bert and Granny Boyce
by Alison Hedger

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Have you hear of Uncel Bert,
Cousin of my Aunty Gert?


He creeps and moves around in slippers,
Any noise gives him the jitters.


He is a very gentle man
And listens hard. And when he can
He hears the birds, the bees, the breeze:
He even makes a silent sneeze!


He heard the flap of a tiny wing
And always hears a pin go “ping”.




Have you heard of Granny Boyce
Who always makes a frightful noise?


In her home she’s loud all day:
Her neighbours wish she’d go away.


She crashes her cans and claps her hands:
There’s never a hush while she’s using her brush.
She trips into Rover and knocks things right over.
When baking some cakes – well, the noises she makes!


But the very worst thing is to hear Granny sing:
The noises are awful, they’re shrill and they’re loud.


Such noising around should not be allowed!


(Add in sound effect and actions as befits your rendition)


© Copyright Alison Hedger 2011



The Jonah Rap

by Alison Hedger
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Take time to practise this rhythm as used in the traditional nursery rhyme

“Once I caught a fish alive”

1      2     3      4       5

slow, slow, quick-quick, slow.

One, two, three-four, five.


Jonah was swallowed by a great big fish
fish, fish, fish, fish, fish All say in rhythm counting off digits
Which swam through the sea with a splash and a swish
swish, swish, swish, swish, swish
The fish took Jonah and dumped him on the shore
shore, shore, shore, shore, shore
Jonah lived to serve the Lord once more
more, more, more, more, more


Have fun making the responses either quiet, loud or getting softer or louder. You could introduce some percussion to accompany the responses. Keep a steady beat going at all times!



© Copyright Alison Hedger 2011


The Shopping Hat

by Alison Hedger
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There was a silly lady who bought a fine new hat,
But she didn’t think she liked it all that much.
She looked into the mirror with her hat upon her head
And smiled a little smile,
And laughingly she said:


“I’ll take a bit off here and I’ll tidy up the back,
I’ll trim the front and cut it here and there.”


When all the snipping stopped,
And her hat was very lopped,
She wore the chopped up hat
Whilst she shopped.


What do you think of that?


© Copyright Alison Hedger 2011



by Alison Hedger
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EASTER School Music


Easter pleased her – Why was that?
She could wear her Easter hat.
A lovely bonnet trimmed in pink:
Such a beauty, don’t you think?


Easter pleased him too – that’s true:
He knows what he likes to do.
Chomping chocolate eggs all day –
What a yummy, scrummy day!


© Copyright Alison Hedger 2011


by Alison Hedger

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Just  a Penny

Just a humble penny piece
Not worth a lot, I agree.
But I have had a busy life
In sky, on land, at sea.

I’ve spent time in a bank vault
Wishing to be free,
And had a year or two as cash
In a gaming machine. Whoop-eee!

I’ve been won and spent, and then guess what?
I chinked around a purse
That smelt only of TCP.
The owner was a nurse.

Hidden in a pocket
I flew off to foreign lands.
Then came back to please a child
With icky sticky hands.

I’ve been dropped into collecting bags
In churches near and far.
And even had a boring spell
Inside a dusty car.

I’ve been aboard a pleasure boat
And helped to buy a treat.
Pink ice cream if I recall,
For a man with booted feet.

In the park it rained for days
And I got really clean.
By sparkling in the morning sun
I once again was seen.

My long wet wait was over,
I was picked up with much glee
And taken off with undue haste
And used to pay for tea.

Never knowing what is next
Is part of all the fun.
I only hope the penny piece
Circulates for years to come.

© Copyright 2009 Alison Hedger


by Alison Hedger

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March on the spot, keeping a regular pulse (use drums if possible)
Organise soldiers into squads, with a commanding officer(s) receiving the salutes


Marching, marching,
We are marching soldiers.
As soldiers we always obey.
OK! Yes Sir!
Obey, right away! (Salute together) 


Marching, marching,
We are marching soldiers.
We carry out our orders right away.
OK! Yes Sir!
Obey, right away! (Salute together)


Marching, marching,
We are marching soldiers.
We follow our leader every day.
OK! Yes Sir!
Obey, right away! (Salute together)


© Copyright 2009 Alison Hedger


by Alison Hedger

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Childrens MusicLETS MAKE A CAKE Educational Music


Let’s work together and make a cake to share
It will be the best cake anywhere!


1. First we beat the butter with the sugar
Mix them up and whisk with care…     


Let’s work together and make a cake to share
It will be the best cake anywhere!


2. Now we stir in fresh eggs one by one
Gently does it, this is fun….


Let’s work together and make a cake to share
It will be the best cake anywhere!


3. Now we fold in flour with a spoon
Chocolate chips will go in soon…


Let’s work together and make a cake to share
It will be the best cake anywhere!


4. Like our cake, good things could soon be done
If we share and work as one… 


Let’s work together and make a cake to share
It will be the best cake anywhere!


© Copyright 2009 Alison Hedger


by Alison Hedger
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I have a little blue handbag,
As I walk it bangs my knee.
It was a birthday present
And it’s very dear to me.


It has a boxy bottom
So it can stand alone –
It is the perfect hiding place
For my own mobile phone.


The handle sits up by itself
And is covered with some lace.
Pretty sparkles decorate the front,
Four studs are on the base.


I love the little zipper purse
Which is my bestest place:
I zip it up and zip it down
And pull a grown-up face!


I take all sorts of things with me
When I go out all day.
A lipstick and an elastic band,
And a game for me to play.


My bag is full of precious things
Which I take everywhere;
Including my old floppy doll
And a brush to do her hair.


All my friends have seen my bag
And think it simply great.
I hope I get another bag,
Next birthday when I’m eight!


© Copyright 2009 Alison Hedger



by Alison Hedger 
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With actions: devise simple signs for SUN, RAIN and FLAP.
Hold hand to mouth to shout first “Ship ahoy – pretty boy”
Pinch nose for the parrot’s echo!


Oh the sun will shine
And the rain will fall
The sails will flap
And I will call
“Ship ahoy – pretty boy”
(pinch nose!)
PARROT’S ECHO:“Ship ahoy – pretty boy”


© Copyright 2009 Alison Hedger




Poem by Alison Hedger
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Some days are wet,
Some days are dry.
Whatever the weather we must try
To have a good day.
“Good day!”


Some days are hot,
  Some days are cold.
Whatever the weather we are told
To have a good day.
“Good day!”


   Some days are sunny,
Some days are grey.
Whatever the weather we shall say
“Have a good day!
Good day!”


© Copyright 2009 Alison Hedger


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Chinese Whispers

By Alison Hedger

The phrases are whispered from person to person –
see if the “message”  changes en route!


Caster sugar costs a lot!

Perhaps could turn into: Father took her – crossed our lot!


Rattle snake eggs don’t make good cakes!


Perhaps could turn into: Battle fake pegs don’t make good stakes!


© Copyright Alison Hedger 2011



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