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Learning the Ocarina may be something well worth considering?


The ocarina and descant recorder sound well played together. But be sure you purchase the correct ocarinas that are properly tuned and have just 4 holes – like these shown here. Any other ocarina from abroad or a local market will probably greatly disappoint you as they are not the ocarina that the Choo-Choo books were written for.


Learn Ocarina


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"The Ocarina Choo-Choo books were written for my own pupils in Years 1 and 2. As a trained musician, I'm keen for children to have a thorough musical knowledge. Ocarina Choo-Choo teaches traditional notation, signs and terms with helpful pictorial fingering diagrams. Progress is gentle and the books are packed with tunes - as a teacher, I'm well aware of the need for value for money. There's no need to go from page to page: on the contrary, the books are designed for hopping about and for learning new notes as suits the teacher's needs. Most tunes have words, so even if you have some non-starters in your group, they can join in with singing the songs, or playing along with simple percussion"

What about recorder?

Alison Hedger sees the ocarina as a bridge to recorder playing:
"The ocarina is ideal for young beginners to appreciate correct stance, mouth position, phrasing, finger control and the interaction of breath, tone and pitch.  Transferring pupils to the recorder goes smoothly, as many of the preliminary problems encountered with young children and recorders are avoided.  In addition, recorders and ocarinas sound fine playing together - there's every reason to teach and use both instruments alongside each other”.


Have fun with the CHOO-CHOO books!


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