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Alison Hedger has written a wealth of music and words for pre-teens. Her work is educationally sound, fun to do and pleases performers, teachers and audiences.


Alison is known for her love of melody and she uses the strong link between words and music in school topic work, and also in the published French musical OO-LA-LA! – a really excellent way to reinforce and learn new vocabulary (see the Educational Musicals Limited tab). Alison too is know internationally for providing the youngest of children with music and words tailored specifically for them.


Educational Music

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Egyptian mummy, looking so funny.
Head to toe all wrapped in white,
Bandaged up so very tight!


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Educational Music



The Union Flag Song for pre-school, Reception and KS1.

An opportunity to sing; listen, anticipate and clap (or bang); flag wave, march and have patriotic fun.


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Educational Music

THE LILLIBUBS – Mister Lillibub’s Lovely Light Bulbs

with the theme of


Lots of fun, lots of bright lights and eight catchy songs
for KS1 and Lower KS2

Children love putting on this happy entertainment.

An excellent non-Nativity Christmas show. The alternative ending makes the show ideal for performance at any time of the year.

This smashing, twinkling short musical is set in a light bulb factory and is ideal for all religious faiths to celebrate together. The story centres round lights of all colours, including white light. Celebrate the two great festivals of light, Hindu Diwali and Jewish Hannukah with this show: knowledge overcomes ignorance. Thirty minutes of fun exploring feelings and emotions, with the moral that no one person is better than another. Everyone has a special role to play in life, and everybody shining together is best.

A useful story version is provided, as well as the play.


The Ten Minute Nativity for Juniors and The LILLIBUBS for Infants

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Educational Music





oo-la-la musical

An entertaining musical in elementary French with music by Alison Hedger and words by Sheila Wainwright. Great tunes and a really fun way to consolidate and develop beginner’s French. Set in a baker’s shop and a café, the plot is light-hearted and humorous and follows the progress of an English tourist struggling with the French language. We meet all manner of colourful characters and enjoy some Can-Can inspired dance. There is no problem with audiences following the plot as everything is visually vibrant and often very funny.

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Educational Music


Use Alison’s song

Exercise And You’ll Feel Great

Get fit any day, anytime with this fun exercise-routine song
Listen to the song, track 6 on the mp3 player on the left of this page.



The National Songbook

NOV492397 ISBN 978184772743,
also from



To purchase the notation go to and download the music for 99p Cat number: smd_118307
Alternatively purchase the song and a piano recording as part of the compilation




Educational Music


Alison Summer 2012 Linda Morse LILLIBUBS Alison with some of her publications
Alison’s favourite flowers sweetpeas Child’s First Nativity Enjoying a clicking-stick session with Alison


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